Picnic is a 20 minutes outdoor physical theatre work by Etta Ermini Dance Theatre. The performance features a young couple whose lush and joyful picnic is disrupted by the quirks and pitfalls of their relationship. Audience interaction, food, comedy and a highly dynamic movement vocabulary make Picnic an enjoyable experience for children and adults alike.


“Picnic is an ambitious dance-theatre piece exploring themes of relationship through movement, dance and a healthy dose of humour. Audiences responded very well: adults and children alike looked like they would not have missed a single move for anything in the world – not even the treats cheekily offered to them by the performers! Etta Ermini Dance Theatre is a very promising dance-theatre company capable of exploring many artforms, playing with and pushing boundaries until they form an exhilarating spectacle.” – Lelia Greci, Artistic Director, Fuse Medway Festival

“Picnic is a charming & fun piece of dance theatre which engaged a mixed audience of all ages.“ – Bill Gee Creative Producer, IF Milton Keynes 2012


Picnic Trailer 2017 from Etta Ermini on Vimeo.

  • Project type: Outdoor live show
  • Duration: 20 Minutes