Best known for her entertaining high energy physical theatre performances in outdoor performance settings (Roadworks, Picnic), Etta Ermini Dance Theatre and partner organisation Artstrust Productions invite audiences to immerse themselves in a piece of dance theatre inspired by that ubiquitous institution, the local pub. Set at a transformable bar and deftly blurring the boundaries between watching and socialising, Bar Story is a new indoor work created in collaboration between Artstrust Productions and Etta Ermini Dance Theatre.

The work is a 50-minute portrayal of two bar tenders and a punter engaged in a quirky Saturday night escapade at the local pub. It uses humour, high energy dancing and acrobatics, text and story telling and insightful observation to make an entertaining commentary on 21st century social interaction and communication issues.

The bar is used by three experienced performers skilled in various dance styles including contemporary and urban dance, as well as acrobatics, acro-balancing and physical theatre as a set to perform on and as a potential real bar for spectators before the show, enhancing the sense of a bar/pub setting, and devel- oping a sense of participation. The bar is a pivotal element in the show, transforming the space, enhancing the narrative through bar-specific props, spurting water and its multifunctional character.

It’s 4.30pm, and two bartenders open for business. Patrons arrive and place their orders. As they steadily get high, their sudden changes of mood create comical encounters, chaos and confusion. Soon enough, deeper tensions between the characters emerge as their actions become increasingly more bizarre, revealing a disquieting emptiness within their lives.

Expect high energy dancing and high drama as well as insightful observation, humour and wit in this lively and entertaining take on social anxiety and extreme behaviour.



“Artscene 2013 couldn’t have kicked off in a better way.  Etta Ermini Dance Theatre – what a treat! – are back.  And how!  A stunning performance that swept the audience off their feet.  With their no-nonsense portrayal of modern society and thinly veiled social critique, the performers brought a bar setting to life.  The sheer skill and expression shown by the performers was enough to bring me to the edge of my seat.”  Floris DB, playwright and theatre critic, Gent (Belgium)


Bar stories find their beginnings in the dawn of times but this Bar Story brings you neither rest nor consolation.  The performers convey the hot topic of binge-drinking through high-energy movement material and naturalistic text.  If being alive means to dance, this performance is a lesson for life, cruel but true.  The actors are acrobats, the dancers are actors.  This work has a strong body, just like alcohol. The audience gets intoxicated by this cocktail”.  Denis Rey, Cultural Attaché, French Embassy, Brussels

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  • Project type: Theatre
  • Duration: 50 Minutes