Etta Ermini trained in drama and dance in Belgium and also completed a MA in European Dance Theatre Practice at Laban. Etta Ermini Dance Theatre was founded in 2005 with the aim to explore relationships through cross art form and storytelling techniques. The physical theatre company works with an interdisciplinary approach examining relationships through dance, theatre, spoken word and other creative disciplines. In extracting elements of the absurd, the company uncovers the dark humour in dramatic events and together with audience interaction weaves this into a series of theatrical vignettes for a range of audiences. The company is committed to making fun and entertaining in- and outdoor work that appeals to all ages and backgrounds. After two highly successful outdoor productions, Roadworks (2009, commissioned by Big Dance/The Blue Elephant Theatre) and Picnic (2011, commission by Fuse Medway Festival/Arts Council), which have been touring widely in the UK and abroad we are now inviting audiences to enjoy a drink at your local pub and watch our Bar Story unfold.






DurassiephotoDurassie Kiangangu graduated from the Academy of Science of Acting and Directing in 2008. He has been working with the company since 2008 and has performed in various productions, for example in Game Spotting, Picnic and Bar Story. Durassie is an accomplished short and feature film actor and a skillful dancer with experience in jazz, ballet, northern soul and acrobatics. He also delivers workshops internationally for the company.




fab3Fabrice Omores lived and grew up in France and Ivory Coast. He graduated with a diploma in Dance Studies at Trinity Laban Dance Conservatory in 2013. Fabrice has been working with e Omores lived and grew up in France and Ivory Coast. He graduated with a diploma in Dance Studies at Trinity Laban Dance Conservatory in 2013. Fabrice has been working with LetMePlay, Etta Ermini, Upswing and Tangled Feet. From performing to modelling he earned his spot by been selected in a dance show called “So You Think You Can Dance” in 2009 and been selected as on of the Model Dancers for “Big Dance 2012”. Fabrice has been working with Etta Ermini Dance Theatre since 2010 and is assistant choreographer in the company.









Eleni Edipidi has been performing in Picnic since 2012. She has toured nationally and internationally with the company. Eleni is also co-artistic director of Levantes Dance Theatre and has worked with Tmesis Dance Theatre, Protein Dance, Darkin Ensemble, Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, Leda Franklin, Victoria (Lies Pauwels) and Retina Dance.







Jo Read has an MA in Dance Cultures, Histories and Practices from University Of Surrey and is currently carrying out part-practical PhD research at De Montfort University funded by the AHRC council. She teaches on the dance degree programme at Kingston University and has been performing in Picnic and The Medley since Summer 2012.











DSC_0507Carolyn Peters studied ballet, contemporary, jazz and drama at Read Dance and Theatre College. She graduated from Kingston University with a BA (Hons) in Dance in 2012. Carolyn is a versatile performer and teacher and has been working with the company since she graduated in 2012. She is one of the performers in  our girls’ Picnic performance and is in charge of our educational programme Picnic- eat, play, dance where she delivers workshops and creates teaching material. Carolyn also teaches for the stage school Perform.



twoKerri-Ann Georgiou graduated from Kingston University with a BA (Hons) in Dance in 2013 after having obtained a BTEC national diploma in Dance at Barnet College. Kerri has been working for Etta Ermini Dance Theatre since her graduation performing in Picnic, delivering workshops and creating teaching material for the educational project Picnic-eat, play, dance . She also teaches for Stagecoach, Centre Stage performing arts school and Non Stop Action and has worked with C-12 Dance Theatre.



Leïla Jelassi
Leïla Jelassi


Leila Jelassi is a dancer and teacher. She’s originally from France of Tunisian/French parentage. Her early ballet training began in France with Anne Besson and then she continued a professional dance training in Paris in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. From there she moved to New York and studied at the Alvin Ailey School. Since then she has worked with various dance companies such as Modern Dance Ensemble Company (Paris) and Body Of People Dance Company (London) and she has performed works created by choreographer internationally such as Rick Odums, Helen Tamiris, Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, Lester Horton and Dollie Henry. As a teacher she has taught in various schools in France, Germany, Belgium and England, and she is versed in a number of dance styles including Ballet, Jazz, Graham and Horton technique. Currently she is performing with Etta Ermini Dance Theatre